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ASP Opinions

  • Sea World: The 21st century marine plantation


    "Neither slavery nor involuntary ser­vitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their juris­diction." – the 13th Amendment

  • Friend zone part deux: a different perspective


    I'm honestly sick of logging onto my Facebook page for the 30th time in an hour only to see this:

    Guy's status: "girls need to stop saying there are no good guys out there because you just constantly keep us in the friend zone!!"

  • The downside to easier communication


    We're all guilty of it, it's writ­ten all over our faces. Though I wouldn't know what anyone's faces look like anymore, because everyone is too enthralled with a cell phone or iPod, their face hid­den underneath their forehead.

  • A post-Valentine’s Day carnage report


    Scrolling through my news feed, I saw pictures my friends posted of what they found in their room when they woke up; vases of flowers with candy hearts and stuffed animals, with captions reading "Aw I have the best boyfriend ever!! I love you –insert name here-".

  • The prescription drug pandemic


    It took five minutes and 47 seconds for Michael Israel to hear that there were no beds available for him in rehab. Mo­ments later, following the sounds of a shotgun, Avi Israel held his son for the last time as his addic­tion to prescription drugs came to a fatal conclusion.